About Us


S.G.Jain Charitable Trust  envisions a society where women, children, elderly have the right to an active, healthy and dignified life. We are integrating our programmes and services, and consciously moving from welfare towards development and long term sustainability for all the deprived people. We are working closely with women groups, Street Children, Disabled persons, and encouraging them to speak up for their own rights.

In our continuing fight against poverty, isolation and neglected persons though we have made significant strides, but they are just a drop in the ocean.

We hope to achieve the following milestones by the Year 2025:

  • Livelihood security directly for 50 thousand deprived families.
  • Rehabilitation of 10000 orphan and street children by providing quality education support.

Mission :

We envision a stress free world where S.G.Jain Charitable Trust  play a constructive role and bring in the holistic tenets of karma and moksha in their daily lives. We hope to usher in a world that is violence free and disease free.

Creating a world body of influential and powerful industrialists, entrepreneurs, businessmen and professionals to come together for noble causes of Service to humanity and Knowledge.

Areas of Work :

  1. Take Care & Support to the Leprosy Persons by providing them basic needs of common man.
  2. To Empowerment of economically disadvantaged women by providing skills training.
  3. To Mainstreaming of Child Labours to the Regular Schools.
  4. Take Care of Elderly by giving food, blankets, shelter and basic needs of human being.
  5. Day care centers for the underprivileged kids of poor working women.
  6. Educational Material Support for the educationally bright students in Govt.    High Schools.
  7. Special Care and assistance to the persons with differentially abled.
  8. Tree plantation and Environmental Cleanliness and Swachh Bharat Campaigns to the rural masses.
  9. To advocacy and educate the rural poor through education.
  10. To create employment opportunities for the development of rural poor.
  11. To establish homes for the neglected elderly persons, child labor, street children, orphans, leprosy and disabled.
  12. To preserve environment of the target areas.
  13. To undertake destitute women welfare programs.
  14. To motivate & organize self help groups for poor women for economic independence.
  15. To improve health conditions of rural poor by conducting Medical Camps in rural areas.
  16. To promote sustainable agriculture programs and organic farming systems
  17. To take care of the injured street dogs, animals and birds that required medical treatment.